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There are many different aspects to keep in mind when creating an item for mailing.
We can help you get things straight. By keeping your project with us from prepress
through its completion, we can make certain it gets out on time and is developed
as economically as possible. We offer professional, CASS mailing services
with data input, specific mailing list access, list management, and machine insertion.

Mailing Specifications:
There are many ways to have us process your mailing. We prepare and deliver your
finished job to the Post Office, while making sure every requirement is met. Cards, letters,
and self-mailers all must meet weight & size requirements. Return addresses and
self-mailers must have the mail panels set up correctly.

Due to the ever changing regulations of the USPS, we reccommend discussing
your project in person. Please contact our Customer Service Department @
1.800.837.7768 ext: 240 -or- email

Our CASS certification allows us the following benefits which we can pass
on to you as savings:

Reduced Postage Costs
Adding ZIP+4 codes and associated delivery point barcodes to address
records can result in postage discounts and can facilitate identification of
duplicate addresses.

Accurate Address Lists
Matching address records with the appropriate ZIP+4 codes will help
identify incomplete or inaccurate addresses. Making corrections
will reduce the amount of undeliverable-as-addressed pieces,
which will in turn result in more efficient mail processing
and delivery.

Improved Demographic Information
ZIP+4 codes can enhance the ability to identify a particular block, building, apartment,
or business location. Instead of sending mail to all customers in a 5-digit ZIP code or
carrier route area, mailers can target a specific market area.

More Efficient Mail Room Operations
ZIP+4 Codes can be used to improve internal mail-sorting operations. High-quality
incoming mail volume may qualify an organization for two or more unique 4-digit add-on
codes. These add-ons can be used to identify specific departments or functions within a
company or, for example, to separate payments from other correspondence as incoming
mail is sorted.

Improved Mail Service and Reduced Postage Rates
Use of ZIP+4 coded addresses and the automated DPBCs produced by CASS-certified
software maximizes USPS automated equipment sortation, which improves delivery,
reduces mail processing costs, and fosters rate stability.